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15-15-15+20(SO3)+Zn Compound fertilizer contains nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P2O5) and potassium (K2O) in a balanced way.

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Zinc Added Composite Fertilizer

The deficiency of zinc, which is an important nutrient element in most of our country's soils, has a negative impact on human health and especially on the development of children. For this reason, Toros Tarım produced Super 15.15.15 + Zn compound fertilizer with zinc for the first time.

Zinc-added compound fertilizer is used to eliminate the common zinc deficiency in all fruit trees, especially citrus fruits, vegetables and some field crops such as corn, potatoes and beets. As a nutrient element, zinc must be given to the soil before the plant starts to develop rapidly. Zinc provides a good development of the root system of the plant and has a positive effect on yield increase and quality.

The use of zinc-added composite fertilizer should be decided by looking at the soil analysis and the amount to be given per decare or tree should be determined by consulting an expert on this subject.

15.15.15 What is Composite Fertilizer?

It is a fertilizer with three main plant nutrients that is most used in field agriculture, vegetable growing, first fertilization of vineyards, olives and fruit trees in our country and in the world. Since it contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, it helps to balance the fertility of the soil in soils that are poor in nutrients.

Where to use?

It is widely used in soils that are poor in potassium and in the cultivation of plants that need potassium. It is a fertilizer preferred by fruit and vegetable growing, especially corn, sunflower, sugar beet and potato. When its granules dissolve in water, the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in its structure come into contact with the capillary roots of the plant and pass into the plant body in a balanced way, increasing the yield and quality.

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