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ActiFerro - Toros Tarım


The iron in ActiFerro is completely chelated with EDDHA. The difference of EDDHA chelate from other chelates is that it remains more stable in soils with low and high pH values and preserves its form that can be taken by the plant. It is effective in the pH range of 3 – 10.

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  • It can be easily taken by plants and used completely.
  • It contains 6% EDDHA chelated iron with 4.8 ortho - ortho isomers.
  • It is very effective even in extremely calcareous soils with its 4.8% ortho - ortho isomer structure.
  • It is in granular formulation that dissolves easily in water.
  • It helps to treat diseases related to Fe deficiency in plants in a short time.
  • It removes and prevents iron deficiencies in acid and alkaline soils.
  • It is used in the removal of chlorosis.
  • It promotes plant growth.
  • It provides high yield and quality crops.
Guaranteed Content w/w
Water Soluble Iron (Fe) 6%
EDDHA Chelated Iron (Fe) 6%
ORTO - Ortho Isomer Iron (Fe) 4.8%
ActiFerro - Guaranteed Content

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