AGM 1644 - Agromar

AGM 1644

It is our grain corn variety in the FAO 600 mortality group. It is suitable for frequent planting.

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Herb AGM 1644
Plant Type New generation grain maize variety
group FAO 600
Yield It has high efficiency, low humidity at harvest.
October It is suitable for frequent planting.
Planting Area It is suitable for sowing for the main product grain in the Central Anatolia Region, and for sowing the second product grain in all our regions, especially in the GAP region.
Power Strong stem and root system
Use In case of frequent planting, it does not reflect the density stress on the cob, it does not shrink the cob. The grain loses its moisture quickly at harvest. It provides strong root and stem resistance. Its hectoliter is high.
Sowing Firmness Sequence Sowing frequency is recommended as 8.500 - 9.000 plants/da.

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