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ALZON® NEO-N - Kalender Tarım


ALZON® Neo-N is effective in many ways. It is a weather resistant fertilizer, whether it is very dry or very rainy. It guarantees high yields, good harvest quality and higher Nitrogen uptake.

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It is the fertilizer of all weather conditions.

Form: Soluble Granule

Color: Blue

Density: 800 kg/m3

Average Particle Size : 3.5 mm

Packaging: 25 kg PE bag

Guaranteed Content
Total Nitrogen 46%
Carbamide Nitrogen 45.8%
Urease inhibitor (2-NPT) 0.11%
biuret 1.2%
Moisture 0.3%
ALZON® Neo-N - Guaranteed Content

Why ALZON® Neo-N?

  • ALZON® Neo-N reduces nitrate losses by 35% to 50%.
  • ALZON® Neo-N almost completely reduces ammonia losses.
  • The innovative nitrogen stabilization ensures that the nitrogen in ALZON® Neo-N is preserved.

Stabilization with urea and nitrification inhibitors is an important component for higher nitrogen efficiency and greater environmental protection in agriculture.

Urease Inhibitor (2-NPT)

Urease Inhibitor (2-NPT) slows the conversion of urea to ammonium for one to two weeks. The ammonium formed in this way can more easily bind to the soil particles. The risk of ammonia losses is almost completely eliminated.

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