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AnnGro™ was developed and patented by scientists at North Western University as a microemulsion that acts as a locator or uptake enhancer to transport active molecules across plant membranes.

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What Benefit Does Your Plants Have?

AnnGro™ acts as a sponge that “packs” the active ingredient to hide the packed molecule. AnnGro sponges can easily pass through plant membranes. After a short time of "packing", the molecules are packed into sponges, and these sponges can easily move across the membranes of the plants and throughout the plant carrying the packaged contents inside. Molecules that cannot easily be transported to plants can when stuffed into AnnGro sponges. This is because the plant membrane does not see the packaged molecule in the sponge. Only Anngro can see his sponge.

AnnGro is used to improve the reception of ComCat. It is also used to increase the uptake of fertilizers and certain pesticides, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides when applied as a foliar fertilizer. It is also used to increase the uptake of liquid fertilizer by the roots when applied as a soil fertilizer.

It has been proven that AnnGro can facilitate the movement of many elements throughout the plant after a foliar application. In the case of calcium, this greatly improved the quality of the resulting fruit or vegetable products.

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