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Astra Crop - Eforganik Tarım

Astra Crop

ASTRA CROP is a unique product of high quality produced using special production techniques. It increases the soil's organic matter amount and increases soil vitality. It increases the number of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

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It has an active role in the transport of nutrients in the soil and in the plant body. By changing the physical structure of the soil, it increases the water holding capacity. By increasing the amount of organic matter in the soil, it increases the vitality of the soil. It increases the number of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

When used regularly, it brings the rhizosphere region to the pH level desired by the plant and facilitates the uptake of nutrients by the roots.

Fulvic acid increases chlorophyll growth and thus leaves acquire a dark green color due to their high chlorophyll content. Since it accelerates photosynthesis, it increases plant yield.

It can be mixed with agricultural chemicals such as plant growth regulators, foliar fertilizers, systemic insecticides, herbicides, fungicides that can be applied on the leaves. It helps agricultural chemicals to be absorbed more by the leaves.

Organic Matter 30
Organic Carbon 14
Total Nitrogen one
Water Soluble K2O 3
pH 3.9-5.9
Astra Crop, guaranteed content.

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