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Astra Drip - Eforganik Tarım

Astra Drip

Astra Drip is a very high quality organic acid complex used in herbal production with its organic acids and special formulation. By increasing the amount of organic matter in the soil, it improves the soil thanks to its low pH and ensures easy absorption of the nutrients attached to the soil by the plant.

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Oleic acid (obtained from olive pomace), which is a source of organic matter, is a very strong amino acid. The application of 250-500 ml / ha in each drip irrigation increases the effectiveness of the fertilizer. It is a very dense (density = 1.85) product.

The Nitric Acid in its content removes the blockages in the irrigation systems (especially the drip irrigation system). Phosphoric acid, on the other hand, destroys the gray-white lime accumulation in drip irrigation systems.

It removes the salinity in the soil. It regulates soil pH. It improves the quality of the soil.

Organic Acid 15
Nitric acid 5
Phosphoric acid 2nd
Sulfuric Acid 14
Astra Drip, guaranteed content.

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