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BIOCAL - Bioglobal


Due to its CO₂ content, BioCAL increases the photosynthesis efficiency of the plants when applied by fogging method, regulates the health and productivity of the plant by increasing the enzyme activity and immune system. It increases yield and quality in all plants.

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It is a foliar fertilizer that provides nano-technological activation, with micro-particles at the level of 0.1 µm - 2µm, produced by processing minerals using a nano-technological method called TMA (Tribomechanical Activation).

The particles of BioCAL fertilizer are very small (0.1 µm-2 µm), so they can be easily absorbed by plants. BioCAL particles are broken down in the leaves and the CO₂ in the particles is released. Other nutrients are also released. The low CO₂ content (0.03%) in normal air prevents the optimum level of photosynthesis from being achieved in most agricultural productions. With adequate nutrient and water supplementation under appropriate temperature conditions, maximum photosynthesis takes place at approximately 0.1% CO₂.

Fertilizer Content
CaO 40%
SiO₂ 14%
Grain Size 0.16µm( Micron)-283µm
Maximum Humidity 20%
BIOCAL - Fertilizer Content

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