Plant Protection
CALAMITY - Doğal Kimya


CALAMITY is a broad-leaf herbicide used in the control of broad-leaved weeds in wheat and barley. It is used in low doses and its selectivity is very high.

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CALAMITY is absorbed by weeds through roots and green parts. Its lasting effect on the soil is short. Sensitive weed growth stops shortly after application. However, death symptoms are seen 1-3 weeks after the application, depending on the growing conditions and the sensitivity of the weeds. The 2-hour rain-free period after the application is important in terms of weed control at the highest level. Hot and humid conditions after application accelerate the effect of CALAMITY, while cold and dry conditions delay it. CALAMITY is non-volatile and non-flammable. It does not corrode the spraying tools.


Water Dispersible Granule (WG)

Active ingredient

75% Tribenuron methyl


The Plants It Is Used And The Harmful Organisms It Is Effective

Plant Name Weed Name Administration dose
broad bean
Dead nettle
field buttercup
heart mustard
yellow grass
Stonewood Grass
sticky post
tuberous jeranium
wild indigo
common vetch
wild radish
horned yogurt grass
field sticky grass
pin mustard
(Vaccaria pyramidata)
(Lamium amplexicaule)
(Ranunculus arvensis)
(Papaver rhoeas)
(Myagrum perfoliatum)
(Biphora radians)
(Cirsium arvense)
(Boreava orientalis)
(Buglossoides arvensis)
(Silene conoidea)
(Geranium tuberosum)
(Isatis tinctoria)
(Vicia sativa)
(Raphanus raphanistrum)
(Sinapis arvensis)
(Galium tricornutum)
(Asperula arvensis)
(Neslia paniculata)
1 g/da
Gokbas (Centaurea depressa) 1.5 g/da or
1 g/da + 0.1% dispersive adhesive


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