Plant Protection
CARTEL 45 EC - Doğal Kimya


CARTEL 45 EC is a plant protection product with a new active ingredient that controls narrow-leaved weeds in all wheat varieties and summer and winter barley varieties.

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Use plant protection products with care. Be sure to read the label and product information before use.
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Emulsion Concentrate (EC)

Active ingredient

45 g/L Pinoxaden + 20 g/L Cloquintocet-mexyl (Safener)


The Plants It Is Used And The Harmful Organisms It Is Effective

Plant Name Harmful Organism Name Application Dose and Period
Wheat wild oats
(Avena sterilis)
90 ml/da
(Alepecurus myosuroides)
100 ml/da
english grass
(Lolium perenne)
Small wheatgrass
(Phalaris paradoxa)
Barley wild oats
(Avena sterilis)
90 ml/da

* It should not be used in oats.

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