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Non Slam Dynamic Air Release Valve

The non-impact suction cup, on the other hand, does not cause impact problems as it gradually slows down the high evacuation speed.

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In deep well pumps; When the pump starts to work, the air and water in the suction pipe start to move at high speeds. When the water reaches the suction cup at high speed, it creates a shock in the system because the suction cup is closed suddenly. The non-impact suction cup does not reflect this problem to the system, as it gradually slows down the high discharge rate.


In case of column rupture, the water columns separate from each other, creating low pressure between them. Meanwhile, large amounts of air are filled into the system in normal suction cups. However, our suction cup creates a non-impact suction, just like a pulsing pulse. Thus, the moments of the columns are reduced when they are separated from each other. Columns that lose their momentum return again. Standard suction cups will expel air quickly. Thus, the collision speed and impact of the columns increase. Thanks to the impact-free opening and closing, while the columns are opening and closing, some vacuum and air remain, so it acts as a cushion, suspends the water columns and reduces the energy of the columns. Thus, the blow problem is solved.

Application Examples

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