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Disper Bloom GS

DISPER Bloom GS is a plant-based bioactivator for improving FLOWER and Growth process in crops.

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The main function of DISPER Bloom GS is to support the flowering process to improve flower opening, germination of pollen, avoid possible shedding, and harden and thicken the fruit.

DISPER Bloom GS is a completely complete product in its composition, as it consists of 5 different groups of molecules, each of which has a function:

  • seaweed
  • organic matter
  • alginic acids

FLOWER: Flower shedding, the enzymes produced when the development of the flower stops, is followed by drying and subsequent decline. The formation of the fruit is interrupted.

Climate: Unfavorable conditions for the crop, such as temperature, lighting, relative humidity or wind.

Specific: Sensitivity of the species or assortment.

Cultural management:

  • Deficiency of nutrients.
  • Lack of light: incorrect pruning
  • Sudden changes in feeding or watering the plant.
  • Sufficiency: excessive vegetative growth versus reproduction.
  • Improper pollination (the appearance of deformed fruits and abortions).
  • Pests and diseases (in case of bloom).
  • Excessive application of plant protection product.

Information for Various Products

  • Citrus and olive are species with a large flower load with a very small percentage on the tree. Therefore, they are very sensitive to adverse conditions during the flowering stage.
  • There is flower sucking in the grape which can be caused by environmental conditions or the variety, causing a drop in production.
  • Seed fruits (mainly from the Prunus species) offer a high level of bloom against initially small vegetative mass, meaning there is a higher risk of under-hardening.
  • In horticulture (solanacea, cucurbitacea…), fruit loss from flower drop is of particular importance if it seeks to achieve an economic benefit by promoting harvest (early crops).
  • In granular legumes there are drupes of flowers that fail to form fruit. The most critical period for soybeans is the flowering period.
  • Small changes in climatic conditions (temperature, lighting, humidity ...) in ornamental plants (roses, tulips, lilies) can cause serious economic losses due to damage to flowering.
  • In grains, extreme temperatures tend to cause miscarriages.
  • In maize, the improvement is aimed at reducing abortion to get more grains and more oil (grain with more nutritional value).
  • In walnut tree, N deficiency can cause flower drop.

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