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Disper Cu Max

DISPER Cu Max is a new generation chelated copper blend that penetrates the tissue without leaving stains on fruit or leaves.

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  • Disper Cu MAX has a 100% water-soluble granule formulation.
  • Unlike other powder products, it does not clog in application systems.
  • The most effective form of copper "Cu MAX"
Fertilizer Content
Copper (Cu) 14%
Disper CU Max - Fertilizer Content

  • Since it enters the leaf cell, there is no problem of being washed away by rain.
  • It ensures the development of the balance between carbon and nitrogen.
  • It dissolves very quickly.
  • After the application, the plant and fruit do not leave any stains, so there is no decrease in the rate of photosynthesis.
  • It can be applied at flowering time.
  • Cu MAX is 100% compatible for Organic and Inorganic agriculture.
  • It prevents toxicity problems that may occur due to the low dose application.
  • Since Cu MAX is a highly concentrated product, the active ingredient is more concentrated.

  • It plays a role in mitochondrial activity and seed formation.
  • It activates protein synthesis.
  • It takes part in plant respiration (photosynthesis) mechanism.
  • It is found in the structure of many enzymes.

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