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Disper Fer %6 GS - Bioglobal

Disper Fer %6 GS

DISPER Fer 6% GS successfully corrects and prevents iron deficiency in crops due to its iron content chelated with EDDHSA.

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Disper Fer 6% Gs, the latest generation technology product in micro-granule formulation;

  • Dust does not leave residue.
  • While iron chelated with EDDHSA and this chelate form provide a solubility of 300g/100L, this ratio does not exceed 100-120g/100L in other EDDHA and EDDHMA chelate forms available in the market.
  • Disper Fer 6% Gs has a completely water-soluble granule structure.
  • It does not clog during application as it is 100% water soluble even at a high rate.
  • It can be applied from the soil as well as from the leaves to eliminate the chlorosis deficiency.
Fertilizer Content
Iron (Fe) 6% (EDDHSA chelated)
Disper Fer 6% GS - Fertilizer Content

  • Iron deficiency causes leaf chlorosis.
  • It takes part in electron transport in photosynthesis.
  • It takes part in protein metabolism.
  • It plays an important role in the "N" binding process from the atmosphere.
  • It has an important role in chlorophyll synthesis.
  • In case of very little iron deficiency in the plant; It can cause problems in enzyme activity and protein production.
  • Iron deficiency is a problem especially in alkaline soils.

Chlorosis caused by iron deficiency;

  • Characteristically, the color of the leaves changes from green to yellow.
  • If the iron deficiency is very severe and the deficiency is not eliminated, it causes necrosis in the tissues and leads to the death of the tissues.
  • Plant respiration (photosynthesis) also has an important place.

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