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Disper Root GS

Solid organic fertilizer of vegetable origin.

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DISPER Root GS is a product specially designed to support root growth.

Each of the DISPER Root GS molecules has a specific function in stimulating the development of the root system. In addition, the composition of DISPER Root GS is in a well-studied balance to support crop development in the early stages.

Moreover, DISPER Root GS, unlike other "rooting" products, produces a global stimulation of the crop by activating different metabolic pathways in the plant.

Contents w/w
Organic Matter 50%
Organic Carbon 28 %
Organic Nitrogen 2 %
pH 5-7
Guaranteed Content - Disper Root GS

DISPER Root GS is completely water-soluble with Fluid Bed technology (WSG-FB), which can be used both in spraying and spraying as it is dust-free and does not form lumps, as in all kinds of irrigation systems. Formulated in soluble GRANULES. .

DISPER Root GS is used at the beginning of vegetative activity as it was developed to stimulate root growth and support plant activity in the early stages. Also to activate the plant in case of stress.

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