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Disper VegaAmino GS

Disper Size Gs plant growth regulator is a product that has been produced with the aim of fruit development and ripening.

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Effect of Disper VegaAmino

  • Disper VegaAmino activates the plant chlorophyll function.
  • Protects the plant from possible damage by activating the chlorophyll metabolism of the plant under stress conditions.
Fertilizer Content
Total Organic Matter 60%
Organic Carbon 20%
Organic Nitrogen %2nd
Free Amino Acids 14.5%
Disper VegaAmino GS - Fertilizer Content

  • In the structure of Disper VegaAmino; There are 3 different molecules: aminoasts, vitamins and molybdenum.

‍ Amino acids in the structure of Disper VegaAmino;

  • It is especially used in the synthesis of chlorophyll under stress conditions.
  • It supports enzyme synthesis and activation.
  • They lead to polyamines (hormones and stress).
  • It supports root development.


‍ Functions of water-soluble vitamins in the structure of Disper VegaAmino;

  • It participates in the metabolism of carbohydrates, nitrogen and fatty acids.
  • Improves enzyme and co-enzyme metabolism.
  • It promotes root development and preserves the energy of the plant.


‍ Molybdenum is the most important element for nitrogen metabolism.

  • It takes part in the conversion of nitrate from inorganic "N" to organic "N" by reduction.
  • It has a role in fixing nitrogen from the atmosphere.

Disper VegaAmino provides the energy required for the plant and increases the amount and quality of the product at harvest.

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