Plant Nutrition
Docto-Combi - Doktor Tarsa Tarım


Docto-Combi is a fertilizer that can be used both from the soil and from the leaves to eliminate micro-nutrient deficiencies in plants.

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  • Water-soluble Boron (B): 0.4%
  • Water-soluble Copper (Cu) Fully chelated with EDTA: 0.5%
  • Water-soluble Iron (Fe) Fully chelated with EDTA: 6%
  • Water-soluble Manganese (Mn) Fully chelated with EDTA: 2.5%
  • Water-soluble Molybdenum (Mo): 0.1%
  • Water soluble Zinc (Zn) Fully chelated with EDTA: 3%

Function of Micro Elements in Plants

They are essential for healthy plant growth and development. They take part in various metabolic activities in the plant.

Availability of Micro Elements in Soil

It should be applied in conditions where intensive agriculture is made, in deficiencies, in various products grown in alkaline and salty environments. Micro elements, which may be useless to the plant due to various factors in the soil, are applied to the plant from the leaves or soil in the right combination and chelated form.

Products Sensitive to Micro Element Deficiency

Fruit trees, vegetables, field crops and ornamental plants.

Micro Element Deficiency

Micro element deficiency symptoms manifest themselves as chlorosis in plants, deformity in leaves, spots or drying. Plant growth and development slows down, adversely affects yield and quality.

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