Plant Nutrition
Docto-Fer - Doktor Tarsa Tarım


Docto-Fer is a soil-applied micro-nutrient fertilizer to prevent iron deficiency in plants.

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  • Iron (Fe) 6% EDDHA
  • 100% Water soluble

Function of Iron in Plants

Iron is an essential part of most plant enzymes. It is found in chloroplasts and has an important role in photosynthesis metabolism. It is necessary for chlorophyll synthesis.

Availability of Iron in Soil

The amount of plant-available iron in the soil is low compared to the total soil iron content. In neutral and basic soils, the amount of available iron is even less. The deficiency is exacerbated by excessive calcification and the presence of heavy metals. High manganese also causes iron deficiency.

Products Sensitive to Iron Deficiency

Fruit trees, vegetables, field crops, citrus fruits, apples, pears, peaches, plums and ornamental plants.

Iron Deficiency

Because iron is immobile in the plant, chlorosis appears first on young leaves. In grains, deficiency symptoms show themselves as yellow and green longitudinal lines along the leaf.

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