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Tomato Seedling - Hishtil Türkiye

Tomato Seedling

It gives product 30-50 days before seed sowing. It reduces the risk of loss in seed, saves land and time. In addition to homogeneous production, it protects from losses caused by diseases and pests.

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Our 10-18 cm tall seedlings, which are planted from seed with a mixture of peat, perlite, and vermiculite in a viol and have fully completed their root development with the right fertilizer and spraying processes for the right product, provide an advantage for our farmers between 20-50 days.

Planting Seedlings

  • Planting should not be done during hot hours. Care should be taken to do it early in the morning or in the cool of the evening.
  • Seedlings must be watered before planting. Before planting, abundant watering while the seedling is still in the viol gains importance in terms of facilitating the exit from the viol.
  • When removing the seedlings from the viol, they should be removed without pressure and compression from the root collar parts, taking care not to crush this part.
  • Planting should be done by keeping the seedling upright with the help of both hands.
  • The roots of the seedling should not be bent, turned or crushed by pressure.
  • Planting hearths for seedlings should be opened in accordance with the root size of the seedling, and should not be too narrow or too wide.
  • It should be pressed from above by filling the space between the planting pit and the root system with soil.
  • Depending on the soil structure, adequate irrigation should be done after planting.
  • If dripping is used in production, the drip tube should be placed 3-4 cm away from the seedling immediately after planting. In the later periods of the production period, the plant can be taken one farther from the root collar.

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