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EBG PROOF X - Bioglobal


Liquid organic fertilizer containing amino acids of vegetable origin. It increases the water holding capacity of the soil and helps the absorption of nutrients by the plant.

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Organic matter should be between 3% and 5% in agricultural lands, but this rate drops below 1% in the analyzes made. This situation reduces the water holding capacity of the soil and causes a decrease in the benefit of the chemical fertilizers to the plant.

Organic matter is the storehouse of the soil. Nitrogen is attached to organic matter. While the organic matter is decomposed in the soil, the carbon monoxide gas released causes the phosphorus accumulated in the soil to be taken up by the plants, and therefore the organic matter is of great importance for the soil.

Contents w/w
Organic Matter 50%
Organic Carbon 19%
Organic Nitrogen 4
Free Amino Acid %2nd
Ph 3-5
Guaranteed Content - EBG PROOF X

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