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Effect Mod - Eforganik Tarım

Effect Mod

EFFECT MOD is a liquid organic fertilizer of vegetable origin that can be applied both from the soil and from the leaves. It has a high percentage of organic matter in its composition.

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It provides soil vitality by increasing the amount of organic matter in the soil. From the moment it is applied to the soil, microorganism activities are strengthened and the number of microorganisms increases noticeably. Thus, it allows the soil to swell and the formation of strong hairy roots in the plant. When applied regularly, organic acids adjust the pH of the water. When used regularly, it brings the rhizosphere region to the pH level desired by the plant and facilitates the uptake of nutrients by the roots.

It protects the plant from stress conditions. Since it is an organic fertilizer, it does not cause salinization in the soil. Since it is derived from plant extracts, it naturally contains most of the plant nutrients. It increases the development and yield of the plant.

Total Organic Matter 40
Organic Carbon 18
Total Nitrogen 2nd
Water Soluble K2O one
pH 4.2-6.2
Effect Mod, guaranteed content.

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