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Effect Phosphorus - Eforganik Tarım

Effect Phosphorus

EFFECT PHOSPHORUS is a plant nutrition product containing 3% nitrogen and 30% phosphorus. The quality of the raw materials in its combination is the most important feature that distinguishes this product.

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All its components can be used by plants. It provides support for plants that have problems in growth and development due to phosphorus deficiency in the soil. It increases the amount of energy in the plant and ensures that this energy reaches the places where it is needed. It provides suitable conditions for growth in the plant, especially in the root systems and stem. It provides earliness in harvest by supporting generative development and maturation. Increases flowering and germination rate, production efficiency.

It can be applied from leaves and all irrigation systems. It is highly absorbed by the leaves.

Total Nitrogen (N) 3
Ammonium Nitrogen (N-NH4) 3
Total Phosphorus Pentaoxide (P2O5) 30
Effect Phosporus, guaranteed content.

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