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Foly™ - Sulphur 800

Foly-Sulphur 800 is an aqueous suspension containing 55.9% elemental sulfur. It is used to correct the pH level of the soil.

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Use plant protection products with care. Be sure to read the label and product information before use.
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It is used as a soil acidity (pH) regulator. Foly-Sulphur 800 is an aqueous suspension containing 55.9% elemental sulfur. It is used to correct the PH level of the soil. Frequency and timing of use Do not apply Foly-Sulphur 800 in strong sunlight and where the temperature is above 25°C. Do not apply in times of drought if irrigation is not possible.

Guaranteed Content %w/w
Elemental Sulfur 55.9
Foly™ - Sulfur 800 - Guaranteed Content

What is Advance Delivery System (ADS)?

It is the name given to the unique FMC technology used in plant nutrition products produced by the FMC company.

What are the factors affecting the uptake of a plant nutrition product?

• Resolution
• Relative Humidity (Air Humidity) Point
• Formulation


‍ Nutrient elements are taken to the plant in liquid form. The solubility of each nutrient element is different. Thanks to ADS technology, nutrients with higher solubility become more suitable for foliar application and are better taken up by the plant.

relative humidity point

‍ It is defined as the relative humidity point at which an element can dissolve. The lower this point, the more easily the nutrients can become liquid. Thanks to the ADS technology developed by FMC, the nutrients become liquid more easily and remain liquid for a longer period of time. As a result, it provides a long-lasting and more effective intake.


‍ The foliar application is key to the effectiveness of any plant nutrition product. Plant nutrition products consist of two components; nutrient elements to be taken into the plant and complementary auxiliary fillers and adjuvants. The ADS technology used in FMC formulations has advantages such as better spreading of the product on the plant surface, better adhesion to the surface, better absorption, uptake rate and prolonging the activity period.

Benefits of Advance Delivery System

‍ • Increasing efficiency with products with slow release and long-term effectiveness.
• Reduction of aquaculture costs by reducing the number of applications.
• Safer aquaculture by eliminating the risk of burning and phytotoxicity in the products.
• Provides maximum uptake of nutrients even in low humidity periods when weather conditions are dry.
• It increases the compatibility in the mixtures to be made.

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