Plant Nutrition
Humino - Eforganik Tarım


HUMINO accelerates root growth by releasing nutrients from the soil; It ensures balanced growth of plants.

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Humino accelerates root development by enabling the nutrient elements in the soil to become free; It ensures balanced growth of plants.

It provides a high performance thanks to the resistance it brings to the plants.

Effects of HUMINO;

It darkens the soil color and provides better use of sun rays. Thanks to the humic acid compositions it contains, it balances the temperature in the soil. It ensures the purification of the soil from toxic and polluting substances in the soil. It helps the root development of the plant by making the soil loose and airy.

Thanks to its slow solubility, it has a long-lasting effect. It increases the efficiency of nitrogen taken by the plant. Thanks to the amino acids in its content, it supports the plant's uptake of plant nutrients that are in free circulation in the soil and ensures their transport in plant metabolism.

When applied regularly, organic acids adjust the pH of the rhizosphere (plant-root surface) region to the pH demanded by the plant.

Total Organic Matter 18
Total Nitrogen 14
Ammonium Nitrogen 14
Total (Humic+Fulvic) Acid 12
Maximum Humidity 2nd
pH 2,4-4.4
Humino, guaranteed content.

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