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Hydroponica Potasyum Nitrat - Doktor Tarsa Tarım

Hydroponica Potasyum Nitrat

It does not contain any elements harmful to plants; Due to its fine crystal structure, it dissolves quickly in water and can be mixed with all water-soluble fertilizers.

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High purity - Contains no elements harmful to plants; It is free from chlorine compounds, sodium and heavy metals.

100% solubility - Due to its fine crystal structure, it dissolves quickly in water and does not cake. It can be stored for a long time without losing its properties.

Compatibility - Can be mixed with all water-soluble fertilizers. It is compatible with most pesticides in foliar applications.

Nitrate nitrogen - Non-volatile. It promotes the uptake of cations (Ca+2, Mg+2…) to the plant. Nitrate is the most effective nitrogen source for plant growth.


elements %w/w
Total Nitrogen (N) 13.5
Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3) 13.5
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O) 45.5
Hydroponica Potassium Nitrate - Guaranteed Content

Effects on Product Quality

  • It helps to increase the fruit flavor, water and vitamin content, dry matter amount (Brix), resistance to frost and cold, and resistance to diseases and damages in the plant.
  • It is effective in improving the fruit / sugar acid ratio and color, uniform and ripening at the same time.
  • It plays a role in prolonging the shelf life of the fruit and reducing its cracks and deformations.

Yield Effects

  • Fruit, grain and tuber weights,
  • Number of flowers, seeds and fruits,
  • It helps to increase fruit bud formation and fruit set.

At every stage of plant production, plants need potassium nutrition for healthy growth and development. Potassium should be applied continuously to the plants in increasing doses from planting/planting. Plants need potassium most from the fruit set-development period. Potassium applied to plants regularly and in sufficient quantities; It is effective in increasing the yield, improving the quality elements and increasing the shelf life of the product in the market.

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