Greenhouse and Equipments
İklim Kontrol Otomasyonu - Karaca Tarım

İklim Kontrol Otomasyonu

For plants grown in greenhouses, climate conditions inside the greenhouse are as important as irrigation and fertilization for the plant to work in the best efficiency.

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General features of our plc-based climate control system, which is our own design, with Turkish, English and Russian language options;

  • Panasonic plc based software.
  • 16 sectors climate control with a single control panel.
  • Temperature-humidity-co2 sensor measurement in every sector.
  • Monitoring and control by pc and smart phones via internet.
  • Obtaining meteorological data outside the greenhouse, control and recording mechanism according to the data.
  • List-view record keeping of indoor sensors and event logs.
  • User classification and authorization in various authorizations.

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