Plant Nutrition
LEADER FER - Lider Gübre


It is a plant food regulator that meets the iron (Fe) deficiency in plant.

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Water Soluble Iron (Fe) 6%
Iron with Eddha Chelate 6%
LEADER FER - Guaranteed Content

✓ It is a plant nutrient regulator that meets the iron (Fe) deficiency in plant.

✓ Thanks to EDDHA chelate, it is very easy to be absorbed by plants. By moving bidirectionally (up and down) in water, it absorbs water due to its sponge structure and releases iron Fe++. It doesn't even need to be mixed.

✓ Due to its chemical-physical structure, it is in compressed form and does not cause any dusting. LEADER FER can be used for all plants in cases of chlorosis (yellowing), both with foliar and drip irrigation systems.

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