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NEMATAC® - Bioglobal


Nematac; Trips is the most effective solution against Cultivated Fungus Pests, Fungus Flys, Biological Control and plant protection licensed without chemical pesticide residues.

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How Does Nematac Work?

  1. EPN (Entomopathogenic Nematode) enters the body of the insect through the mouth or natural openings.
  2. EPN (Entomooatogen Nematode) releases symbiont bacteria from the mouth and anus to the hemolymph within 2-3 hours after penetration.
  3. Bacteria released into the hemolymph multiply rapidly.
  4. 24-36 hours after penetration, the insect dies from "septimesia". 3 IJ is sufficient for septicemia.
  5. Meanwhile, IJ's circle of life continues. After two or three offspring they leave the dead insect (cadaver) as IJ.

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