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NOGALL is applied before planting to protect against root cancer in fruit trees. It is a bacterial culture in the form of a wettable powder, wrapped in peat.

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  1. The only solution to root cancer in fruit trees.
  2. It is used for protective purposes before planting.
  3. It is definitely not used after planting.
  4. It can be applied to seeds, seedlings and saplings.

Active Ingredient : Agrobacterium radiobacter satin K 1026: 0.03%

Mode of Action : Pathogenic bacteria: Agrobacterium tumefaciens

They colonize the root zone in a short time, restrict their living conditions by competing with soil pathogens for carbohydrates, amino acids, oxygen and other compounds in the root zone.

Antibiosis: By secreting antibiotics such as Agrocin 84, agrocin 434, ALS84, it causes direct death of pathogenic bacteria that cause root cancer.

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