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NP 20-20-0+30(SO3)+Zn - Toros Tarım

NP 20-20-0+30(SO3)+Zn

It is a fertilizer containing 20% nitrogen (N) and 20% phosphorus (P2O5) as an effective substance. It is the most widely used type of compound fertilizer with two nutrients in our country and in the world.

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Since nitrogen and phosphorus are balanced in its structure, both nutrients can be easily taken by the plant when the granules dissolve in the soil water when the base (subsoil) fertilization is made. Since it contains nitrogen, ammonium (NH4) and urea, it is not easily washed from the soil by precipitation. All of the phosphorus in its structure is in the form that plants can take.

Guaranteed Content W/W
nitrogen (N) 20%
Phosphorus (P2O5) 20%
Sulfur (SO3) 30%
Zinc (Zn) %one
NP 20-20-0+30(SO3)+Zn) - Guaranteed Content

What Benefit Does NP 20-20-0+30 Provide?

  • High efficiency and quality product
  • Wheat with high protein and gluten
  • Vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables
  • Flavored fruits and vegetables
  • Durability in transportation and storage
  • Bright and beautiful color in fruits and vegetables
  • Products with high oil content
  • Resistance to cold and drought
  • Disease and pest resistance

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