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NPK 25-5-10 (Kompoze)

NPK 25-5-10 compound fertilizer contains 25% nitrogen (N), 5% phosphorus (P2O5) and 10% potassium (K2O).

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All of the Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P2 O5) and Potassium (K2 O) in its structure can be easily taken by plants. Although it has the highest Nitrogen (N) ratio among composite fertilizers, it is not easily washed away from the soil by precipitation. It is used safely in plants grown in regions with high phosphorus in the soil, especially tea and hazelnuts.

  • High yield and quality
  • High-flavored tea leaf
  • Beautiful color and brew in tea
  • High yield hazelnut
  • resistance to cold
  • Disease and pest resistance
Product Content
nitrogen (N) 25%
Phosphorus (P2 O5) 5%
Potassium (K2O) 10%
NPK 25-5-10 (Composite) - Guaranteed Content

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