Plant Nutrition
OLIVETO 15-5-6 - Kalender Tarım

OLIVETO 15-5-6

By regulating the soil structure with high Humic matter and Organic carbon, it provides easier intake of the nutrients in the soil. Thus, the costs for extra fertilization can be reduced by using the nutrients available in the soil.

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Guaranteed Content w/w
Total Nitrogen 15%
Organic Nitrogen % one
Ammonium Nitrogen 11.5%
Urea Nitrogen 2.5%
Water-soluble Phosphorpenta oxide (P2O5) 5%
Water-soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O) 6%
water soluble sulfur trioxide (SO3) 28%
Water-soluble Boron (B)O. 0.05%
Water-soluble Iron (Fe) 0.5%
Water soluble Zinc (Zn) 0.01%
Organic Carbon © 7.5%
Humic and Fulvic Acid 3%
Humic Matter from Leonardite 36%
OLIVETO 15-5-6 - Guaranteed Content

Benefits of Humic Substance

  • It provides earliness in products.
  • Increases yield.
  • It increases product quality.
  • It prevents the soil from being compacted and provides better aeration.
  • It increases the water permeability of the soil.
  • It protects soil moisture by reducing water losses against drought.
  • It makes better use of solar energy because it darkens the color of the soil.
  • It increases the beneficial microorganism activities in the soil.
  • It regulates the pH of the soil. It neutralizes the soil.
  • Humic acid reduces poisoning caused by high salinity.
  • Carbon dioxide, which turns into carbonic acid in the soil, dissolves some minerals that cannot be taken by the plant, allowing them to be taken by the plant.
  • Humic acid dissolves N, Pi K, Mg, AI and Fe nutrients needed by the plant in the soil, while Fulvic acid prevents these nutrients from adhering to other places and gives them to the plant.
  • It preserves the nutrients dissolved in water very quickly in the root zone and ensures that they are taken by the plant when necessary.
  • It increases the amount of vitamins in the plant.
  • It provides significant savings in fertilizer cost.

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