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Organomineral 12-12-12+ (23 SO3)+10 OM - Toros Tarım

Organomineral 12-12-12+ (23 SO3)+10 OM

TOROS TARIM's Organomineral 12-12-12+ (23 SO3)+10 OM fertilizer containing sulfur helps to obtain high yield and quality products in all field crops, fruits and vegetables.

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Thanks to the high organic matter in its structure, it contributes significantly to the fertility of the soil and the availability of nutrients in areas poor in organic matter. Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P2O5) and sulfur (SO3) in its content are easily taken by plants. TOROS TARIM's 15-20-0+23 (SO3)+10 OMORGANOMINERAL COMPOSITE fertilizer containing sulfur helps to obtain high yield and quality products in all field crops, fruits and vegetables.

  • High efficiency and quality product
  • Economic water use
  • Vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables
  • High oil content in oil crops
  • Bright and beautiful color in fruits and vegetables
  • Durability in transportation and storage
  • Disease and pest resistance
  • cold and drought resistance
  • Increased soil fertility
  • Improved food intake
Product Content
nitrogen (N) %12
Potassium (K2O) %12
Sulfur (SO3) 23%
Organic Matter 10%
Humic-Fulvic Acid 7%
Organomineral 12-12-12+ (23 SO3)+10 OM FERTILIZER - Guaranteed Content

Benefits of Organomineral 12-12-12+ (23 SO3)+10 OM Organomineral Fertilizer

Short term

  1. It provides fertilizer savings by preventing the nutrients in the applied fertilizers from being washed out of the soil by excessive rainfall and irrigation in areas with low organic matter.
  2. The humic and fulvic acids in its structure make the micro nutrients found in the soil useful.
  3. It increases the availability of nutrients given to the soil with mineral fertilizers and accelerates plant growth.
  4. It increases the productivity of the soil by increasing the activities of beneficial micro-organisms in the soil structure in the plant root zone.

Long Term

  1. Since the organic matter in its structure is not decomposed and lost in the soil, the amount of organic matter in the soil increases over time.
  2. It provides more organic matter accumulation in the soil with the harvest residues that increase as a result of increased plant production.
  3. It contributes to the water retention of light textured sandy soils that do not hold water.
  4. Improves aeration of heavy-textured clayey soils holding excess water.
  5. It increases the soil temperature and facilitates the germination of seeds.
  6. It prevents cracking and cream layer formation in clay soils.
  7. It increases the capillary root development of the sprouts and contributes to their emergence.
  8. In areas with high ground water, it helps the water seep down and thus the roots of the plants become aerated.

The continuous use of Organomineral 12-12-12+ (23 SO3)+10 OM fertilizer containing sulfur, humic and fulvic acids and developed by TOROS TARIM in organic matter-poor areas helps to increase the yield strength of the soil and obtain high yield and quality products. It is suitable for base (subsoil) fertilization of all field and garden plants grown in our country. For more detailed information, contact TOROS TARIM's expert agricultural engineers. For the most accurate and balanced fertilization programs, do not forget to fertilize based on soil analysis.

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