Plant Nutrition
Pep Peak - Eforganik Tarım

Pep Peak

PEP PEAK; It is a high quality product that makes a difference thanks to the high organic matter, amino acid and fulvic acid it contains. The raw materials used are of high quality.

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It is used in plant stress conditions to eliminate plant stress. It increases yield and quality in plants. It allows the plant nutrients to be easily taken up by the plant. It increases photosynthesis in the plant. It is used as a direct energy source by plants.

It is used to eliminate the problems in plant development in unfavorable soil structures. It plays an active role in the transport of nutrients in the soil and in the plant body. It provides soil vitality by increasing the number of microorganisms in the soil.

Organic Matter 35
Organic Carbon 15
Total Nitrogen 2nd
pH 3.3-5.3
Pep Peak, guaranteed content.

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