Plant Nutrition
Proton® - Doktor Tarsa Tarım


PROTON is obtained from the fresh processing of Ascophyllum nodosum, a seaweed variety used in agriculture, containing the most biologically active and richest nutrients.

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PROTON® is obtained from the fresh processing of Ascophyllum nodosum, a seaweed variety used in agriculture, containing the most biologically active and richest nutrients. These algae, which do not have a root system, can feed on salty sea water, survive under the ice for a long time, and can grow for meters under limited growth conditions, have been and continue to be an important material that can support the agricultural world for researchers.

PROTON® is a natural organic nutrient consisting of Organic Substances, Alginic Acids, amino acids and various nutritional elements naturally found in plants. All these substances are directly related to plant health, nutrition and the quality of the product. The active substance of PROTON® acts together with other plant growth regulators and promotes cell activities and protein synthesis.


Contents %w/w
Organic Ingredients: 45
alginic acid 1.5
Potassium Oxide (K2O) 10
pH 9-11
EC 44.6(Ds/m)
Proton - Guaranteed Content

Benefits of Proton

  • It promotes healthy root and capillary root development, increases the transmission and availability of plant nutrients and water in the plant, and helps the regular development of plants in all developmental periods.
  • It promotes increased production of sugars, proteins and organic acids necessary for healthy plant growth.
  • It helps to stabilize the cell membranes, proteins and chlorophylls in the plant, thus delaying aging.
  • It helps, facilitates and encourages the production of protective proteins of the plant.
  • It promotes the production of Phytoalexins and Peroxidase , which are known as compounds that contribute to the natural immune mechanism of the plant.
  • It helps to increase the resistance of the plant to adverse environmental conditions.

Proton Success Proven by Practices

  • Thanks to the proton, the increase in photosynthesis increases the plant sugar production required for maximum fruit set and early development.
  • There is an increase in quality and yield by increasing the cell activities of the nutrients and other natural plant growth regulators in Proton.
  • Proton promotes the formation of antioxidants that prevent the deterioration of plant tissues, thereby increasing the shelf life of fruits. It delays branch or post-harvest deterioration and reduces losses, thus increasing the yield of the product.
  • By increasing the osmotic potential of the plant cell, the proton increases the cell's water holding capacity (turgor pressure/amount of water in the cell). In this way, it helps to obtain higher quality products in terms of fruit size, color, shape and uniformity.
  • Proton promotes the synthesis of phytoalexins, which are the first defense compounds produced naturally by plants against various environmental stress conditions.
  • Proton strengthens plant defense mechanisms. This mechanism is called acquired systemic endurance (SAR).
  • With the Organic Chelating effect, the availability of nutrients is increased thanks to the chelating long carbon chains such as natural alginic acid in PROTON. Contrary to synthetic chelates, these compounds bind to nutrients with weaker bonds, increasing the transfer of nutrients to plant tissue and their biological availability.

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