Plant Protection
QUARS 325 SC - Doğal Kimya


It is a fungicide containing Azoxystrobin and Difenoconazole as active ingredients, used against downy mildew, powdery mildew in vineyards, powdery mildew in tomatoes (greenhouses), black stigma in pistachios, brown spot on pomegranates.

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Use plant protection products with care. Be sure to read the label and product information before use.
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Suspension Concentrate (SC)

Active ingredient

200 g/L Azoxystrobin + 125 g/L Difenoconazole

The Plants It Is Used And The Harmful Organisms It Is Effective

Plant Name Harmful Organism Name Administration dose With Latest Application
Time Between Harvest
Vineyard * mildew
(Plasmopara viticola)
80 ml/100 L water 21 days
powdery mildew
(Erysiphe necator)
dead arm
(Phomopsis viticola)
Powdery Mildew on Eggplants
(Leveillila taurica)
100 ml/100 L water 3 days
pistachios Black pepper in pistachios
(Pseudocercospora pistacina)
100 ml/100 L water 21 days
Pomegranate Brown spot on pomegranate
(Alternaria alternata)
80 ml/100 L water 21 days

* It cannot be used in vineyard areas where vineyard leaves for consumption will be harvested.

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