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SAFEACID - Uniba Tarım


Safeacid is a very effective and specially formulated product for aeration of the soil, breaking the lime and salts in the soil and cleaning the drip irrigation systems.

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Effects of SAFEACID on the Plant:

  • It is a highly safe formula when carrying the concentrated product.
  • It completely cleans the residues in the drip irrigation system and allows the pipes to be opened.
  • It increases the effect of fertilization by neutralizing bicarbonates.
  • It increases the solubility of water, especially in recycled water systems.
  • It provides a source of nitrogen.
  • By increasing the leaching of sodium and other associated ions; Helps in saline and calcareous soil management.
Guaranteed Content (%w/w)
Total Nitrogen(N) 15
Urea Nitrogen(N-NH2) 15
SAFE ACID - Guaranteed Content

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