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Telli Terbiye ve Dolu (File) Sistemi

In the galvanized system, the poles carry the load completely. The system is much safer than other systems in terms of strength. In the new generation galvanized system, it is possible to apply even 5-6 meters above the ground. Compared to the concrete system, its transportation is 5 times cheaper. While 33-35 posts per decare are required in the concrete system, 26-28 posts per decare are sufficient in this system. The application period is 5-6 months in an area of 1000 decares.

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Wire Dressing and Full (Net) System

• In the galvanized system developed by our company, the poles carry the load completely. Because the first part of our system, which consists of two parts, is thought to be female and its length is 1 meter. 0.80 cm of this piece is driven into the ground, a 20 cm connection point is left on the soil. The desired length of the upper male leg is inserted into this connection note and the assembly is completed with the help of five connection bolts. After that, it remains only to apply the wires to these posts. Thus, poles do the carrier duty, not wires. The surface areas of our galvanized poles, therefore, their friction coefficients are considerably lower than concrete poles. The wire connection holes drilled on the galvanized poles with a special form are also thought to serve as a wind evacuation in order to minimize the friction effect. In addition, it has a high ability to absorb the vibration caused by the wind effect with its flexible structure. In total, it is much safer than other systems in terms of strength.

• In the new generation galvanizing system we have developed, application can be made even at 5-6 meters above ground height. However, in order to be able to apply at these heights, it is very important to determine the safest application by our company by making special static calculations.

• The biggest risk encountered in driving applications is stones and rocks within the driving distance. However, the forms of our galvanized poles have been considered accordingly. It allows the hammering process to be completed by breaking or drilling the rocks in front of it. This only leads to a slight increase in labor time.

• Other systems are non-recoverable systems. Concrete poles do not have any material value when the facility completes its economic investment period. And the main problem is experienced during the removal of the concrete poles from the land. Because disassembly and evacuation of the system is also very difficult and costly. However, the situation is the opposite in galvanized systems and the investment made in galvanized systems carries a financial value for that day, it is very easy to disassemble and remove from the land.

• Concrete systems are five times heavier than galvanized systems and take up more space. Due to heavy materials, transportation costs are also five times higher. This constitutes an important place in the total investment budget. However, instead of paying money for transportation in galvanized systems, an investment that is both fit for purpose and recoverable in the future can be made.

• The application labor costs of concrete systems are very high. Large areas have to employ a large number of workers. Because even the distribution of concrete poles on the land requires intense labor in itself. Its weight is 45 kg. Since it is difficult for a single person to carry the poles that can pass through, the workmanship increases two to three times compared to galvanized systems. For one decare, approximately 33-35 poles are needed in concrete pole systems, while this number is 26-28 in galvanized steel systems. These numbers may vary according to planting row size and system height.

• The application period of the concrete systems being applied in our country is quite long. at 1000 da. Surface system concrete applications in the area can only be completed in 11-14 months. With the galvanizing system application method we have developed, this period is 1000 da. It was reduced to a 5-6 month period for

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