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Smart N 21 - Toros Tarım

Smart N 21

Smart N 21 is a rich nitrogen-containing fertilizer formulation, and it is recommended to be applied in every period of vegetation where the nitrogen requirement of the plants is high.

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In its composition, ammonium (NH4-N) nitrogen at the rate of 21% is a special plant nutrition product produced by inhibiting all of the ammonium (NH4-N) nitrogen with DMPP. Thanks to DMPP, the conversion of Ammonium (NH4-N) nitrogen to Nitrate (NO3-N) nitrogen is prevented for 6 - 10 weeks, preventing the nitrogen from escaping to the atmosphere in gaseous form and washing it out of the soil in the form of nitrate. It stays in the form that plants can take for a long time and is taken in a balanced way by plants without loss. It is a high quality plant nutrition product, completely soluble in water, suitable for use in drip irrigation and other pressurized irrigation systems in all soil conditions.

Guaranteed Content W/W
Total Nitrogen (N) 21%
Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4 - N) with DMPP inhibitor 21%
Ammonium Inhibitor (DMPP) 0,80%
Water Soluble Sulfur Trioxide (SO3) 60%
Smart N 21 - Guaranteed Content

SMART N 21 Features and Benefits:

‍• With the use of the latest nitrification inhibitor DMPP; The conversion of ammonium (NH4-N) nitrogen to Nitrate (NO3-N) nitrogen is delayed up to 6 - 10 weeks, preventing the nitrogen from escaping into the atmosphere in gaseous form and washing it out from the soil in the form of nitrate (NO3), thus minimizing nitrogen losses and making it more effective. a nitrogen supply is provided.
• With ammonium (NH4+) feeding, less energy is consumed within the plant.
• It reduces fertilization costs by reducing the number and amount of applications.
• With DMPP inhibitory Ammonium (NH4+) feeding, the synthesis of phytohormones and polyamines is encouraged, resulting in increased flowering and yield.
• With ammonium (NH4+) feeding, it reduces the pH value in the root zone to ideal levels and this ideal level is maintained for a long time thanks to the DMPP inhibitor. Thus, the uptake of phosphorus and micro elements in the soil by plants increases.
• By delaying nitrification, it reduces the amount of nitrate (NO3-) in the plant. In this way, the nutritional quality of fruits, vegetables and cereals increases and their storage life is extended.
• Increases yield and quality in all plants.
• It is an environmentally friendly product since it does not cause nitrate (NO3-) accumulation in underground water resources and especially in greens with edible leaves.

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