Plant Protection


Subtilex Foliar is a fungicide that can be used both in the control and treatment of bacterial and fungal diseases.

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Active Ingredient

Bacillus subtilis MBI 600


Wettable Powder formulation


It is used in the control of bacterial and fungal diseases.

It can be used for both protection and treatment purposes.

Mode of Effect

Antibiosis, showing its effect, prevents the germination of spores of the pathogenic fungus on the plant and the development of mycelium, thanks to the metabolites it secretes.

Competition, thanks to its effect, covers the entire leaf surface by competing with the pathogen fungus, preventing the germination and development of the pest.

It also activates the plant defense mechanism.

(Note: License extension works are in progress. Gray mold in vineyard, strawberry, powdery mildew in tomato etc.)

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