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Technofert EOS - Doktor Tarsa Tarım

Technofert EOS

Technofert EOS is applied in vegetables, fruits and vineyards during the ripening and fruit growing period or whenever high potassium is needed.

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Technofert EOS

It is a fertilizer that is completely dissolved in water and applied directly to the soil or with a drip irrigation system, which meets the needs of macro and micro nutrients. Technofert EOS is applied in vegetables, fruits and vineyards during the ripening and fruit growing period or whenever high potassium is needed. According to the plant type and period; 0.3-1.6 kg/da/day can be used from the drip irrigation system.

It helps to increase fruit yield and quality in the productive periods of vegetables, fruits, tuberous and bulbous plants. . Potassium intake is complex and depends on the interaction of many factors. It is the soil and plant characteristic that has a dominant effect. The third factor is appropriate fertilizer and fertilization.

Macro Elements (% w/w) EOS 14-13-30+TE
Total Nitrogen (N) 14
Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3) 9
Ammonium Nitrogen (N-NH4) -
Urea Nitrogen (NH2) 5
Phosphorus (Р2O5) 13
Potassium (К2O) 30
Magnesium (МgО) -
Sulfur (S) -
Micro Elements
Copper (Cu) EDTA 100ppm
Iron (Fe) EDTA 1500ppm
Macro Elements (% w/w)
Manganese (Mn) EDTA 300ppm
Zinc (Zn) EDTA 300ppm
pH (25°C) 2.05
EC (mS/cm) 1.55
Technofert EOS - Product Content

Superior, Multi-Purpose, Plant Nutrition Products

High Quality - New Technology

The Technofert product range has unique benefits such as rapid solubility in water, high quality NPK and chelated microelements, more effective and easy accessibility in plant nutrition, and positively affects plant activity.

Technofert helps to meet the additional nutritional needs of plants with its improved formulations in cold, wet and alkaline conditions where cultivation is difficult. It is a fertilizer designed for a good start, good growth, early and quality crop. It positively promotes yield and quality. With its easy use, it saves time and helps to reduce costs.

Technofert Series

With its 5 different formulations, it offers the plant nutrients that plants need in different periods, to use in a balanced way. Metals such as iron, manganese, copper and zinc in the soil are mostly in the form of compounds that are hardly soluble in water. Thanks to its adjusted pH, it facilitates the uptake of these minerals by plants.

Technofert is crystalline and also has strong acidic properties. There is no need to use additional acid and base fertilizer in programs using Technofert. It is easy to transport and use compared to liquid acids due to its crystalline and fluidity. Thanks to its anti-clogging features, it keeps irrigation systems clean, prevents clogging, and ensures equal distribution of water and fertilizer.

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