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Ultra Azot

Ultra Nitrogen; It is a top fertilizer that can be used safely in the fertilization of all field crops, vegetables, vineyards and olive groves.

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Product Content
nitrogen (N) 33%
Sulfur (SO3) 24%
Ultra Nitrogen - Guaranteed Content

About one fourth (27%) of the nitrogen in question is in the form of ammonium, and the remaining part (73%) is in the form of urea nitrogen. Due to these forms of nitrogen in its structure, its loss by washing as a result of excessive precipitation and irrigation is at the lowest level. Most of the nitrogen in the form of ammonium and urea in its structure is converted into nitrate (NO3-) nitrogen by microorganisms in the soil over time, depending on soil conditions, and thus the nitrogen needs of plants are met for a long time. With its suitable granule size, it is suitable for scavenging with all kinds of seeders.

  • It can be used safely for top fertilization of all field crops, vegetables, fruits, vineyards and olive groves.
  • The sulfur in its content, which can be taken by the plant, ensures high yield and quality product.
  • Again, due to this sulfur in its structure, the resistance of plants to diseases and pests increases, and the storage period of the products is extended.
  • It is used as top fertilizer in hoeing and before irrigation.
  • The risk of nitrogen loss due to excessive precipitation and irrigation is low.
  • Appropriate granule size allows scattering and application to the band (line).

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