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Üre Fosfat

Urea Phosphate fertilizer (H3PO4CO(NH2)2) is a pure and crystalline fertilizer that is completely soluble in water, suitable for eliminating phosphorus deficiency in plants.

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It contains 17.5% Urea (NH2) and 44% phosphorus (H3PO4). Since it dissolves easily in water, it is suitable for application with drip irrigation. The physical and chemical properties of urea phosphate are as follows.

Guaranteed Content w/w
Urea (NH 2) 17.5%
Phosphorus (H 3PO4) 44%
Urea Phosphate - Guaranteed Content
  • It has acidic character.
  • It prevents clogging of irrigation pipes and nozzles.
  • It accelerates root development.
  • It provides homogeneous flowering.
  • It increases flowering and high yield is obtained.
  • It gives resistance to cold, diseases and pests.
  • It decreases the pH value of the plant root zone and increases the uptake of other nutrients.
  • It lowers the pH of irrigation water.
  • It is suitable for application with drip irrigation system.

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