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VITORMNE PLUS, a microbial foliar fertilizer in liquid formulation, does not harm the nature and leaves no residue on the plant. For this reason, it is also suitable for use in organic agriculture.

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Vitormone® contains Azotobacter bacteria in dormant form. Beneficial bacteria increase the vegetative development of the plant, increase the yield by increasing the flower and fruit set. It positively affects the beneficial-harmful microorganism balance on the leaf surface.


  • It provides an economical fertilization by using the nitrogen of the air.
  • It allows a perfect vegetative development, by promoting shoot development, the number of leaves, leaf size and accordingly photosynthesis increase.
  • It provides a positive balance of harmful and beneficial microorganisms on the leaf surface.
  • It increases flowering.
  • It reduces flower and fruit shedding.
  • It provides an increase in yield and quality.
  • It increases fruit flavor and positively affects the storage life of the fruit.
It is a completely natural product that does not harm people, animals and plants and can also be used in organic agriculture, does not disturb the ecological balance and does not have any residue problems.


Vitormone PLUS contains Azotobacter bacteria in dormant form. After applications, dormant bacteria become active on the leaf.

By using the carbon present in the leaf, it transforms the nitrogen in the atmosphere into a form that the plant can use, and allows the plant to be fed from the leaf.

It provides the plant's growth and development balance by naturally secreting plant growth regulators (gibberellic acid, cytokinin, auxin, IAA), vitamins (B, C and E groups) and antifungal metabolites that are beneficial for plants.

Azotobacters partially prevent damage by other harmful pathogens by covering the leaves and secreting antibiotics.

Vitormone Plus works in the pH range of 5.5-9.5 .

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