Plant Protection
ZERDA 100 EC - Doğal Kimya


ZERDA 100 SL; It is an herbicide containing Clopyralid as an active ingredient, used in the control of many weeds in wheat, sugar beet, canola and onion plants.

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Use plant protection products with care. Be sure to read the label and product information before use.
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Water Soluble Concentrate (SL)

Active ingredient

100 g/L Clopyralid

The Plants It Is Used And The Harmful Organisms It Is Effective

Plant Name Harmful Organism Name Application Dose and Period
Wheat skunk weed (Biphora radians) 100 ml/da

It is used in the tillering period of wheat, in the 2-4 leaf stage of the coca crocus.
Sugar beet skunk weed
slanted coil
spiny wild lettuce
canary grass
common donkey lettuce
(Biphora radians)
(Carduus nutans)
(Cntaurea cyanus)
(Cirsium arvense)
(Lactuca serriola)
(Matricaria spp.)
(Senecio vernalis)
(Sonchus oleraceus)
100 ml/da

It is used in the 2-4 leaf stage of weeds after sugar beet and weeds emerge.
canola field dog daisy
shepherd's bag
wild chrysanthemum
Dead nettle
genuine daisy
ivy holly's wand
Imam's turban
bird grass
common slow grass
wild vetch
(Anthemis arvensis)
(Capsella bursa-pastoris)
(Cirsium arvense)
(Chrysanthenum segetum)
(Lamium amplexicaule)
(Matricaria chamomilla)
(Papaver rhoeas)
(Polygonum convolvulus)
(Senecio vulgaris)
(Stellaria media)
(Taraxacum officinale)
(Tussilago farfara)
(Veronica hederifolia)
(Vicia spp.)
100 ml/da

It is used after emergence, in the early development period of weeds. (2-6 leaves)
Onion Koygöçren (Cirsium arvense) 50 ml/da
It is used in the period of 2-4 leaves of the nomad, after the onion and the nomad come out.

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