OSMANCIK - Agrotan Tohum


Plant height is around 95-100 cm. It is solidly built and resistant to lodging. The grain does not shed and is boneless. The grain is yellow in color and long. Thousand grain weight is 34-35 gr. Medium early maturation period is 130-135 days. 17-18 kg per decare in sprinkling sowing. seeds should be used.

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Plant Type Paddy
Plant Height 95-100cm
Resistance Sturdy Built and Bed Resistant
grain Boneless and Boneless
Grain Color Yellow and Long
Grain Weight 34-35 g
Earliness Medium Early (130-135 days)
Amount of Seeds to be Planted per Decare Sprinkling 17-18 kg in sowing
Unbroken Rice Yield 65% and above
Rice Grain Appearance Glassy and Matte
Yield 800-1000 kg per decare
Machine Harvesting Suitable
strength Moderate Resistance to Blight Disease, Root Tongue Rot Resistant
Recommended Regions Marmara, Thrace, Aegean, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Southeastern Anatolia.

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